I’m really glad you stopped by!  Welcome to my website!

As you will see, it is a work in progress.  I hope you come back often to see what I have been up to.  I am one of those curious people who is always interested in learning something new.

I write books. Some of them are related to metaphysical topics. You can see info on my metaphysical books at DistinctBooks.com.

Some of my books are related to growing cannabis. (You can see those books on MarijuanaBooks.com.)  I live in Colorado, where people are legally allowed to grow cannabis if they are over 21.  My business partner and I are involved in teaching people how to grow fruits, vegetables, and cannabis organically.  We also teach classes on bonsai.

I am very interested in art and design.  I do various experiments using photographs that I’ve taken or that a friend has given me, and I turn them into works of art.  You can see examples of that process on my “Art & Design” page

Right now, this is an experimental website while I decide how I really want it to look.  So don’t be surprised if upon future visits you find this website looking very different.

And I’m also very interested in the Law of Attraction.  I have another website called TimeForAwakening.com, where I have posted about 200 different articles on metaphysical, new age, quantum physics and related topics.

Right now this is an experimental website.  I am still pondering how I want it to look and what I want it to say.  So don’t be surprised if you use it again and you find that the website looks very different.